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TCPIII.com is the online profile for Thom Puckett's
web design, photography & photo restoration, videography, screensavers, and DVD production.



Sites I Designed:
Planet Private Security
Sacramento based security company

Yancey Company
Sacramento based contractor since 1939
All graphics produced by me using existing Yancey Company characters.

Psicron Fleet's Website
An online simulation site part of the FSF Sim Fleet

American River College's Math Learning Centers original web site.
retired in 2002 after 4 years of use

American River College's OakTree Drop In Tutoring Service's original web site.
retired in 2002 after 3 years of use




MP3 Skin
MP3 player skin published on 1001winampskins.com

MP3 Skin
My original MP3 skin



Screen Savers:
Have your pictures scanned or take your digital pictures and have a screen saver made for you to use and share.
Include music (MP3 format) and special effects.

Olivia 2003 Screen Savers
Small screen saver made with 17 photos taken by me at the
Lake Tahoe and Reno 2003 concerts (2 megs zipped)

Olivia 2001 Screen Savers
Screen saver made with 16 photos taken by me at the 2001 Lake Tahoe concert
and 3 MP3 formatted Olivia songs no fan should be without (14 megs zipped)



DVD Production:
Converting your old VHS tapes into DVDs.



Digital Photo Restoration:

Old family photo that I restored.
More photos available.



Olivia Newton-John Photos:

New pics from Reno 2004

Photos from 2003 Sacramento Concert

Photos from 2003 Lake Tahoe & Reno Concerts

Photos from 2001 Reno/Lake Tahoe Concerts

Photos from 2000 Reno Concert

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